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Cor-ten Steel®

Thanks to the alloying elements, which contribute to the formation of a permanent, self-regenerate protective surface patina with a typical brown colour, COR-TEN® steel adds to the mechanical strength an exceptionally high resistance to corrosion from exposure to weathering, up to eight times greater than a normal structural steel.

The name COR-TEN® STEEL comes from its main features:
  • CORrosion Resistance: high corrosion resistance
  • TENsile Strenght: high mechanical resistance
The main advantages of COR-TEN® steel are:
  • High corrosion and weather resistance;
  • Long duration;
  • Safety due to high mechanical resistance;
  • Maintenance costs reduction;
  • Low-environmental impact appearance;
  • Environmentally sustainable: steel can be 100% recycled;
  • Quick pole installation