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Tornado: the most innovative and performing profiled post on the market

Since the beginning of Tornado project, we understood that our proposal to be successful should be different from all the products available on the market, especially in a saturated market as the one of the vineyard posts.
Our Technical R&D Team focused on the particular processing of metal sheet: the texture of Tornado improves the characteristics of solidity, strength and flexibility of the pole. The special ribbing of the metal sheet, which propagates throughout the entire surface, has been designed to allow a better distribution of loads and is effective in the presence of strong winds thanks to its greater resistance. Tests carried out at certified institutes have shown that, comparing different poles with the same thickness of metal sheet, Tornado ended up as the most solid.

Tornado vineyard pole differs for its mechanical and structural characteristics. The particular ribbing that crosses both the front and the side of the profiled pole guarantees:

  • 30% more resistant than a traditional post;
  • Better load distribution;
  • Greater resistance to wind pressure;
  • Maximum efficiency in the vine plant support;
  • A simple and fast installation, suitable for any type of terrain;


Another aspect to which we have paid particular attention is the realization of the wire-holder slot, which has been studied ad hoc in order to provide the best solution both in the case of hilly installations and on the plain terrains.

The double N-slot is realized without removing material and this ensures maximum solidity of Tornado post even in those points where it is particularly stressed. The double wire-holder slot is particularly suitable for hilly terrains, as it does not allow the wire to come out.

The single N-slot, on the other hand, has been designed to facilitate and speed up the movement of mobile wires.

We are able to customize the number of slots on the pole according to the customer's needs and, on request, we also make poles with mixed slotting, consisting of double slots and single slots. In addition, there is the possibility to further customize the pole with the addition of holes.

  • They are built inside the profile of the pole without removing material, thus being sturdier to withstand the action of the grape-harvesting machine.
  • They are designed to provide support for the wire and to prevent it from accidentally coming out. This results in further savings in technical processing and less labour.
  • Ideal for mechanized installations: thanks to their positioning, they are not subject to the closure and impact of the harvesting machines. This translates into considerable savings since there will be no manpower employed after the passage of the machines.

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The free cordon system consists of a single permanent wire placed (usually) at 150 cm of height, on which the whole vegetation develops. Tornado is available with a special slot, at the top of the pole, for positioning the single supporting wire. This special slot allows the stability of the wire itself and prevents it from coming out.

Sendzimir Galvanized Steel

The Sendzimir method consists of hot dip galvanizing before processing. The process consists of a treatment that involves the passage of the sheet metal in a bath of molten zinc at 650°. Before passing through the zinc, the sheet is subjected to a degreasing treatment to remove surface impurities and then pickled in hydrochloric acid to eliminate iron oxides. The total zinc thickness on both sides ranges from Z 200 to Z 275 g/m2 (UNI EN 10346).

Galvanic coatings offer triple protection to the steel underneath:

  • Protection by barrier effect: the coating insulates the steel from the external corrosive environment.
  • Cathodic or sacrificial protection: Zinc forms the anodic part in the corrosion stack and corrodes slowly protecting the steel. As long as there is zinc on the surface, the steel will not suffer any corrosion.
  • Sealing of uncovered areas: The zinc corrosion products, which are insoluble, compact and adherent, seal the areas of the steel which, for whatever reason (shocks, scratches, etc.), accidentally has been exposed to the external environment. This procedure provides additional protection for the substrate.